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Description of HEAVEN TRAVEL (from google play)

Story introduction of “Heaven Travel”
Lofn, a little girl who wakes up on an ethereal grassland, sets out on an adventure in order to save the Memory Tree. While she collects different memory pieces, she also discovers the surprising truth of her life. Other than unexpected plot twists, the story is presented in a unique way which we hope will stimulate the reader to look at life from a different perspective.

The art style of “Heaven Travel”
The art team has tried to imitate chalk with pastel colors in order to create the image of Heaven. Characters and souvenirs are designed according to their planet of origin to establish a unique and intriguing world.

Game characteristics of “Heaven Travel”
If players pay careful attention to the storyline, they will realize the amount of effort that has gone into each line. Other than adding humorous elements to the story, the author also wishes to let the player have a different perspective and deeper understanding of the world.
Although each storyline seems to be individual, they are in fact intertwined and the player will be faced with different surprises and reflections as it unwinds.
Gameplay may seem simple but it is in fact complex. Different choices that the players make at different times with different equipment will bring different results. By choosing their souvenirs tactically and dispelling the curse will decrease the amount of time required to collect memory pieces. Simply speaking, everyone will find their own form of entertainment from this game.

Thoughts behind “Heaven Travel”
The producer of the game “Heaven Travel” discovered that most of his friends were pessimistic, too busy to enjoy their lives, or believed in nothing after death. Even if some of his friends felt that they would go to heaven, they had never really thought about what heaven would be like.
Therefore, he pictured the heaven he has in mind through Lofn’s adventures, and he would like to provoke his audience to view their lives from a different perspective.
As long as there is faith, any dream can become a reality.

Version history HEAVEN TRAVEL
New in HeavenTravel 2.29
Added Italian Language(Google Translated)
Added Turkish Language(Google Translated)
Fix Text
New in HeavenTravel 2.28
Fix Text
New in HeavenTravel 2.26
Fix English, Korean and Vietnamese Text.
New in HeavenTravel 2.24
Updated Korean Language
Korean is now one of the officially translated languages
Removed Pilipino Language
New in HeavenTravel 2.23
Fixing Bugs
Fixing Bug that locks the game at certain progress
New in HeavenTravel 2.22
Fixing Game Text
New in HeavenTravel 2.20
Stablize "Watch Ads"
Fixing Game Text
Vietnamese is now one of the officially translated languages
New in HeavenTravel 2.18
Fixing Game Text
Fixing "Game Crashes during Startup when Internet is connected" issue on some devices
New in HeavenTravel 2.17
Fixing Game Text
New in HeavenTravel 2.16
Fixing "Portuguese users get weird text after updated new version"
New in HeavenTravel 2.13
Adding Japanese and Korean Language
Fix Game Text
Arabic Language now becomes one of the officially translated language
New in HeavenTravel 2.12
Fixing Game Text
Fixing Images
Thai now becomes the officially translated language
Fixing bugs that App Crashes on some devices with version Android 8+
New in HeavenTravel 2.9
Adding Language Support for German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Thai, Hindi, Malay, Vietnamese, Slovak,
Filipino and Indonesian (Google Translated)
Spanish is now one of the officially translated languages
Fixing Rare Bugs "Game save might be lost after updating game"
Fixing Game Text
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